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About me

I work as a project manager for Digital and Sustainability Transitions in Society: A Double-edged Sword (DigiSus) research platform. I am also working as a researcher in Politicized Loneliness: Hatred, Violence, and Experiences of Loneliness Online project (PI: Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen).

Research topics

Manosphere and radical men's rights advocacy, narrative theory, counter-narratives, societal storytelling, instrumentalization of narratives, incel subculture, new sincerity, public authority storytelling, storyteling in information systems development.

Research career

My on-going thesis studies radical men's rights groups storytelling strategies in recruiting new members and justifying their worldview. Three out of four intended articles published in high level journals.

Currently a secured funding in the project Politisoitu yksinäisyys (Emil Aaltonen Foundation, 2023–).

Researcher in the project Tarinat tietotekniikan toteutuksessa (Emil Aaltonen Foundation, 2019–2022).

Grant researcher in the project Dangers of Narrative (Kone Foundation, 2017–2018)

Coordinator of research centre Narrare (2017–2018).

Selected publications

Nurminen, M. 2022: From Swallowing the Red Pill to Failing to Build the Wall: Allusive Cognitive Metaphors in Advocating Political and Extremist Views. Poetics Today 43:2, 309–334.

Nurminen, M. 2021: ”Ja mä tein sen ekana yönä. Mä olen cool.” Uusvilpittömyys ja purkautuva ironia tilannekomediassa Broad City. Teoksessa S. Björninen (toim.) Kertomus postmodernin jälkeen. Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 105–134.

Raatikainen, P., S. Pekkola, M. Nurminen ja M. Mäkelä 2021: Masterplots in Information Systems Implementation. European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). 

Mäkelä, M., S. Björninen, L. Karttunen, M. Nurminen, J. Raipola ja T. Rantanen 2021: Dangers of Narrative: A Critical Approach to Narratives of Personal Experience in Contemporary Story Economy. Narrative 29:2, 139–159.

Mäkelä, M., S. Björninen, V. Hämäläinen, M. Nurminen, J. Raipola, T. Rantanen ja L. Karttunen 2020: Kertomuksen vaarat. Kriittisiä ääniä tarinataloudessa. Tampere: Vastapaino. 

Nurminen, M. 2020: “The Big Bang of Chaotic Masculine Disruption.” A Critical Narrative Analysis of Radical Masculinity Movement’s Counter-Narrative Strategies. Teoksessa K. Lueg & M. Lundholt (toim.) Routledge Handbook of Counter Narratives. Milton: Taylor and Francis, 351–362.

Nurminen, M. 2019: Narrative Warfare. The ‘Careless’ Reinterpretation of Literary Canon in Online Antifeminism. Narrative Inquiry, special issue of Real Fictions: Fictionality, Factuality and Narrative Strategies in Contemporary Storytelling, S. Browse, A. Gibbons, M. Hatavara (toim.), 29:2, 313–332.