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Kahdeksankerroksinen Kampusareena Hervannan kampuksella on ekologinen monikäyttäjätalo.

Kampusareena - thriving collaboration platform at Hervanta campus

Tampere University
PhoneInfo desk 0294 524 020
LocationKorkeakoulunkatu 7, 33720 Tampere
Staffed hoursInfo desk opening hours Mon - Fri 7:30 - 16:00
Kampusareena is a hub of science, research and technology located on Hervanta Campus.

Kampusareena brings together companies, researchers, students and alumni. Interdisciplinary encounters fuel new ideas that can grow into collaborative R&D projects, innovations, jobs and successful businesses.

Arriving to Kampusareena

Kampusareena serves as a hub for researchers, students and companies appreciative of

  • a vantage point to technological research
  • high-quality research environments
  • the fresh perspective and expertise provided by the students
  • networking with other companies
  • versatile and convertible facilities

A broad range of services and multipurpose facilities are available in Kampusareena to encourage and support productive collaborations. The facilities can serve as exhibition venues and be adapted for research purposes and for short- or long-term working. Kampusareena is also an inspirational learning environment and provides a one-stop-shop for all the key student services.

The events held in Kampusareena allow you to keep up to date with the latest research and rub shoulders with interesting people even outside of your own sphere. The facilities and services available in Kampusareena have been specifically designed to foster community spirit and promote collaboration between the University and companies. 

It is easy to meet old and new collaboration partners over a cup of coffee or lunch. Kampusareena’s café and restaurants are open to all members of the campus community, visitors and the general public. The building houses a broad range of open workspaces, teaching facilities, meeting rooms and exhibition areas.

Kampusareena for researchers and teachers

Kirjasto on paljon käytetty opiskeluympäristö.

New opportunities for industry collaboration

Long distances are no longer an obstacle to effective collaborations with industry and business. Kampusareena brings forth new opportunities and provides new environments for the development of research and teaching. It can even be used as a research platform. There is a good chance that faculty members find shared interests with the innovative on-campus companies, and small ideas can grow into large-scale projects.

Kampusareena provides a flexible setting for a broad range of events that can make good use of and allow you to expand your expertise. You can also host your own event that supports research and teaching or helps build community spirit on campus.   

Develop education and try out new teaching strategies 

Active interaction with industry and business helps ensure that courses and degrees continue to meet the needs of the labour market. Company presence on campus also opens up new opportunities for collaboration in teaching.

Students can complete practical course assignments for companies and show off their knowledge and skills by giving demos, pitches or presentations. Kampusareena is designed to foster unprecedented levels of collaboration. Tap into this potential and make your ideas happen!

Kampusareena for students

Kampusareenan auditorion vihreät rappuset toimivat leveinä istuimina ja tuovat mieleen sammalmättään.

Get to know your future colleagues!

Student services are conveniently available under one roof in Kampusareena. Student, Career and International Services, the Library and the IT Helpdesk occupy the first three floors. Kampusareena features a range of spaces that facilitate learning, working and, most importantly, fruitful encounters among all its users.   

Kampusareena enables companies to increase their campus presence. Perhaps you meet your future colleagues at the restaurants and events in Kampusareena. Or maybe you arrange a company visit or invite companies to attend student events. You can showcase your skills to a potential future employer by completing a thesis, a project or a practical assignment for a company. Make the most of the opportunities to market your expertise. You can also organize your very own event that promotes networking and collaboration among students and companies in Kampusareena.     

A place for learning and leisure

  • Kampusareena is an inspirational environment for students. The Library collections and diverse learning spaces are accessible 24/7. 
  • Company presence on campus translates into assignments and thesis projects. That allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life industry challenges and make contact with potential employers and future colleagues.
  • Kampusareena’s central location makes it an ideal venue for events, get-togethers and pitching sessions.
  • Kitchenettes and comfortable lounge areas are available for student use.