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Basic Information about Sisu to Students


Basic Information about Sisu to Students

What is Sisu?

Sisu is an information system for teaching, studies, and administration. The system is available to students, teachers as well as university personnel. 

Starting from academic year 2019-2020, the curriculums and teaching schedules of Tampere University are prepared in Sisu. From summer 2019 onwards this information is also available in the new Student's Guide, except the teaching schedules of Hervanta campus, which for the academic year 2019-2020 are still in POP. 

One of the features Sisu offers is a tool for making personal study plans. The tool is introduced to new students that start their studies in central and Kauppi campus in fall 2019. In Hervanta the tool will be taken into use in fall 2020.

Students can access Sisu in August 2019 by logging in with HAKA identification.Switching language in the log in page is possible by clicking "kirjaudu" in the upper right corner of the view. When logging in with HAKA, choose Tampere universities from the list provided, then enter your TUNI basic user name and password. Browsing curriculums and teaching schedules is also possible without logging in.

Personal Study Plan in Sisu

One of the most important features offered to students by Sisu is the tool for making study plans. A study plan is based on information and requirements in the curriculum. Study plans form the foundation for studies and their timing at the university. Further details.

Sisu Now and in the Future

The features of Sisu have been slowly taken into use since 2018. In the beginning, administration has been the main user group. Starting from fall 2019 students can use Sisu for making study plans.

In the future student register will be available there and students can sign up for classes in Sisu. The table below describes the features of Sisu for students and the timing for their planned introduction. Eventually, a student can apply acceptance for exchange studies, ask for study modules to be graded, or apply for a degree certificate once all studies have been completed. 

Students will be informed about new features during Sisu development.

Feature in Sisu Feature in Use/Target Audience
Curricula Starting from 2019-2020, also available in Student's Guide
Teaching schedules Starting from 2019-2020, also available in Student's Guide

Personal study plan,
timing of studies,
study calendar

Starting from 2019-2020 to new students in central and Kauppi campuses.

Students who have begun their studies earlier: possibility to use. 

Students in Hervanta campus: 2019-2020 old systems in use.

Course registration in Sisu Fall 2020 
Communications about personal study plan through Sisu Fall 2020
Application for substituting a course with corresponding content Fall 2020
Student register and student information in Sisu Fall 2020
Other features During system development