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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Use of study search on the Sisu system

Sisu offers a search function of the studies also without the need to sign on to the system. The search function currenlty only includes course, but later it will be possible to search also study modules and degree programmes.  It is possible to use a period-specific filter to search for the course units that have teaching in the selected period. This search function can be used as an alternative tool for finding the same information published on the Student’s Guide Curriculum search. Firstly, when you enter the page and want to change the language, do it via the log-in menu in the top-right corner (“Kirjaudu” in Finnish).

Language menu settings Sisu

Sisu enables users to filter the searches further by using teaching periods, organisation and field of education. In narrowing down the search, you can use the codes of the course units, which are included as abbreviations in the degree programmes. For example, entering the keyword ’fil’ will yield studies in philosophy as the result.

Please note that you need to add the course to your personal study plan in order to choose a completion method and to register to the course. For further details, see the page course registration.

The following example shows how to select the teaching period in the filter menu.

Selecting the teaching period at Sisu

The following example shows how to select the faculty in the organisation menu. (Currently, the names of faculties are only available in Finnish, the English information is under development)

Selecting the faculty from organisation menu

Now, adding the keyword ’filp’ will yield the list of basic studies in philosophy as the result. To see the information of an individual course unit, click the document icon with the code of the course unit.

Search for courses

The following example shows how to find the information on different completion methods and teaching times. First, click the “Completion methods” tab on the course unit page. In this example, the course unit can be completed in four different ways. Method 1 includes participation in two different lecture courses. The “Parts to complete” can also include methods of independent study, such as written exams, essays etc.

How to find completion methods and teaching times

Scroll down the page and open the details of the teaching.

Details of the teaching
Published: 13.8.2019
Updated: 10.8.2023