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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Complementary Studies at the MSc stage

Students who are admitted directly to a master’s programme at Tampere University may be required to complete complementary studies. Students who have applied for transfer to a master’s programme based on their previous qualifications may also be required to complete these studies.

Complementary studies are assigned to ensure that students possess the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete their degree. Complementary studies are individual courses and modules that you may be expected to complete in addition to the core curriculum of your master’s programme.

The set of complementary studies that students must complete are defined on a case by case basis and their previous qualifications are considered in the process. In other words, you will not be expected to attend additional courses and modules to gain knowledge and skills that you have already acquired while working towards your previous degree. Please note that gaining credits from prior learning towards a master’s degree at Tampere University may only be accepted in exceptional cases. 

As a rule, the credits carried by complementary courses will always be counted towards your master’s degree at Tampere University. The credits will fall outside of your degree only under exceptional circumstances. Complementary studies are typically included in the elective modules of your degree but may also be included in other modules. The core curriculum of your degree programme may also include courses where the choice of course depends on your previous qualifications. 

When you are starting at the University, the educational specialist of your degree programme will provide you with more instructions for completing complementary studies and counting them towards your degree. The educational specialist will also advise you on the preferred order for completing the required studies. 

Please be aware that you are responsible for ensuring that you complete the required complementary studies while working towards your degree. The required studies must be completed before you can graduate.  

Tampere University’s new guidelines on complementary studies will be effective starting 1 August 2021. If a set of complementary studies has been assigned to you earlier and you want the studies to be reassessed in light of the new guidelines, please contact the educational specialist of your degree programme.

Published: 30.6.2021
Updated: 10.8.2023