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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Sisu instructions: My profile


Go to the My profile tab in the top navigation bar to find the following sections: 

  •          Study rights
  •          Course enrolments
  •          Completed credits
  •          Applications and requests
  •          Groups
  •          Payments
  •          Personal information


Study rights

You can expand and collapse the list of your study rights. The heading indicates the name of the programme and your current student status relating to the study right. Click on the arrow to show more content.

The column of the left shows the validity period of your study right and the institution. The additional information displayed on the page include the provisions on the time limit for degree completion, the Government Decree on University Degrees, the date when you were granted the right to study at Tampere University, and the date when you started your programme of study. The latter date is the first day of the semester when you first enrolled as attending at the University.

The right-side column shows how much time has elapsed since you were granted the right to study at the University. The top row displays the degrees you have completed while holding your current right to study. The second row displays the semesters when you have been registered as attending and the third when you have been registered as non-attending. There is also a separate timeline for non-attendance due to statutory reasons described in the Universities Act.  The time that has elapsed since your admission is shown as white.

If your right to study has been revoked or you have forfeited your right to study, the reason and the date are shown in this section. 
Your education path, which is based on your right to study, is shown at the bottom alongside any further choices you have made (such as your specialisation).

You can print out a certificate of your student status by clicking the button on the top right corner. You can print out the certificate in Finnish, Swedish and English.



The Course enrolments tab displays the course implementation rounds for which you have enrolled. You can sort the list based on the course name, number of credits and your enrolment status.


Completed credits

The Completed credits tab displays your completed modules and courses and partial completions.  To show failed and expired courses and units, click on Passed credits and select Failed and expired credits.

Click on the button on the top right to print out a transcript of records in PDF format. You can print out the transcript in Finnish, Swedish and English. It will take a while for your transcript to become available. When it is ready, the yellow notification turns green and the text Download PDF appears. You can order a formal transcript of records from the study office.


Applications and decisions

The Applications and decisions tab displays the applications and requests that you have submitted and the related decisions. The tab shows the type and status of your applications, the date when they were processed, the person who processed them, and the date of submission. Click on an application to see more details. You can cancel pending applications and requests on this tab.



The Groups tab shows the groups that you belong to. Target groups are used to prioritise students for course admission, and tutoring groups are utilised in the context of tutoring.


Payments and scholarships

The Payments tab displays information about your payments (tuition fees and SportUni’s fees) in each academic year.


Personal information

The Personal information tab displays your personal information on the left and your contact information on the right. You cannot edit your personal information. You can edit your phone number and primary postal address as well as add a secondary email address and postal address. If there are changes in your personal information, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

This tab also includes the settings for the disclosure of information. By default, information will only be disclosed to the public authorities to comply with the University’s legal obligations. However, you can allow the disclosure of your information for other purposes.


Published: 6.6.2024
Updated: 7.6.2024