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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Sisu instructions: Front page and logging in


This page introduces you to the different functions on the start page of Sisu such as icons and notifications.

Please note that the start page and functions on it will be updated by the end of 2024, after which the instructions will be updated.


Logging in

Log in to Sisu with your TUNI email address and password at

For new students the right to use and log in to Sisu starts 1st Aug. If the study right starts later during the academic year, you should be able to log in to Sisu one month before the study right begins.



The Sisu front page comprises the following sections:

  • Tabs and icons in the top navigation bar
  • Graphs for monitoring your academic progress
  • Recent messages and notifications
  • Your calendar for today and tomorrow
  • Your current studies


Tabs and icons in the top navigation bar

The top navigation bar, comprising the tabs Structure of studies, Timeline, Registration, Study calendar, My profile and Search, is visible on all the pages in Sisu.

You can find further information on the contents and functionalities of the tabs in Sisu in Sisu instructions for students.

There are four icons on the top right corner next to your name. Click on the first (envelope) to access your messages and the second (notebook) to access a to-do list where you can make a note of interesting courses. Click on the third icon (question mark) to find instructions for using Sisu in the Student's guide. To give feedback on your user experience, click on the fourth icon (star). Users rate their experience on a scale of 0-10. Feedback is collected by Funidata, the system provider of Sisu.


Graphs for monitoring your academic progress

The graphs displayed on the start page help you keep track of your academic progress and performance, namely your GPA, the target number of credits to be earned this year, your planned and completed studies, and the rate at which you are progressing towards your degree. The numbers below the percentages show your planned and completed credits in relation to the required number of credits for your degree. The tab displays your rounded GPA.

The degree that the graph applies to is identified above. Click on the degree to show information about a different degree. Separate graphs apply to your BSc and MSc studies.


Recent messages and notifications

The start page displays ten of the latest messages and notifications. Messages are sent by teachers or academic advising staff who have reviewed your personal study plan. Notifications are automatic messages that inform you of the processing of a pending application or request or changes made to the time or place of classes (such as “class cancelled”). 

The headings of messages and notifications that are less than three months old are also displayed in the Recent notifications widget on the intranet. You can store individual messages in the archive, which means that they will no longer be displayed on the Sisu start page either. 



The calendar on the start-page displays your classes as well as the entries that you have added to your calendar for the current day and tomorrow.


My current studies

The start page displays your courses that are currently underway or due to begin in the next seven days. Click on the arrow to see the time and place of a class.


Published: 8.5.2019
Updated: 18.6.2024