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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Course feedback

Tampere University

In order to develop degree education, feedback from students is actively collected at different phases of university studies. Course feedback is part of the education feedback system and is collected throughout your studies. At the Tampere University the course feedback is collected using the Course Feedback System (OJP). Five universal questions have been created in the system, which are asked on all feedback forms. In addition, teachers can add their own course-specific questions to the feedback form. In accordance with the decision of the Vice President of Education, the universal questions in the system are:

  1. Which aspects of the course went well in terms of your learning?
  2. How would you develop the course?
  3. In your opinion, how well did you achieve the learning outcomes of the course?
  4. Assess the work amount of the course in relation to the credits (approx. 27 h/credit).
  5. Give the course an overall assessment.

Giving course feedback at the Tampere University is voluntary. If giving feedback is a prerequisite for completing the course (e.g. in a part of medical studies), it must be described in the curriculum. Although giving feedback is voluntary at the University of Tampere, the university encourages students to give feedback and teachers to respond to student feedback.


How does the course feedback system work?

Feedback forms are created automatically according to Sisu's teaching information. By default, the feedback form opens two weeks before and closes two weeks after the end of teaching if the teacher makes no changes to feedback form's opening period. Please note that if the course has lectures and exercises, you may receive a feedback survey on both. By default, the feedback form has the university's universal content, but the teacher can also add his or her own questions to the form.

You will receive an email when the feedback period has begun. Please note that only students who register and are accepted to the course in Sisu will receive email notifications and be able to provide feedback. The notification email contains the link to the feedback form. Feedback is given anonymously, but the identifier of the respondent is left in the system, so the same student cannot give feedback twice on the same implementation.

The course feedback system will send a reminder to provide feedback five days before the feedback period ends, if you have not already provided feedback. Similarly, the system sends a message when the feedback form is closed. If you want to give feedback, please do so in time, as the closed feedback form can no longer be reopened.

You can see all open and closed feedback surveys in the course feedback system.

open and closed feedback surveys in the OJP system

After the feedback period ends, students will see a summary of the feedback provided and any feedback provided by the teacher on the OJP Closed Feedbacks page. The feedback summary is only visible to students and teachers if there are at least three responses provided. For privacy protection reasons, free-form feedback is not visible to students.

feedback summary in the OJP system
Published: 28.6.2022
Updated: 17.2.2023