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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Sisu instructions: Search


With the functions on Sisu’s search page, you can search for courses described in the curriculum.

If you are logged into Sisu, you can add a course to your course cart and place it in your study plan later in the Structure of studies view. To register for teaching, you need to place the course in your plan and select the completion method.

Search results can be filtered by criteria such as organisation, curriculum period, course level, language of learning, completion method, language of instruction, and teaching period.


Sisu search page for students.


If you want to search for, for example, logopedics course offerings in Sisu during the I period, type the abbreviation for logopedics (‘log’) in the search field. Then select the Period I as the filter and choose ‘Faculty of Social Sciences’ as the organisation.

Sisu will list the search results and display basic information about the course. You can sort the search results by relevance, name, and number of credits. To access detailed information about a course, click on its name, and for teaching details, visit the ‘completion methods’ tab.


Picture of student view of Sisu's search page and search results.


Published: 13.8.2019
Updated: 17.6.2024