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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Sisu and Intranet calendars

Both Sisu and the Intranet have a calendar to support your studies.

The difference between the calendars is the way they display learning events.

The Intranet calendar displays the learning events for which you have enrolled in Sisu and been admitted as well as the exams for which you have enrolled via the EXAM system. The Intranet calendar is therefore your ‘timetable’ gathering the learning events you plan to attend.

In the Intranet calendar, you can also hide individual learning events or, if necessary, all the events belonging to a course.

Sisu’s study calendar helps you plan your studies. It shows all the courses you have added to it regardless of whether you are enrolled or admitted to the learning events.

You can add your own events to both calendars and subscribe to a feed into an external calendar application, such as Microsoft 365.

Published: 21.10.2021
Updated: 10.8.2023