Janne Harjamäki

Janne Harjamäki


I'm working as a researcher in the Tampere University, locating physically in the Pori. 

Current project (KAMU - From crisis to growth opportunities and renewal, 9/2021-8/2023) promotes strengthening of the business of Satakunta companies through applying RDI knowledge to foster innovations and business renewal, and thus increase the degree of digitalization of the companies.. 

I’m developing RDI assessment/development tool (KAMU application) .

Project web sites:


Current project (Less is more: Towards energy minimum of properties, KIEMI) designs and develops methods and technologies to find “energy minimum” still preserving comfortable environment within the building. I’m working with self-assessment web page and some data packet handling/development.

Project web sites:



Previous project (Towards low carbon business processes by Green ICT, ICT4LC) aims to accelerate the digitalization of business for SMEs in Satakunta region while enhancing the transition to more low carbon and energy efficient business processes. I worked with self-assessment web page development and I did demonstrations for Satakunta region companies. 

Project web sites: 



Before these I have worked as a project researcher for project developing Data analytics and for project developing MOOC course collection, both for Satakunta region companies.

Project web pages:

www.datatiede.fi (with DAO: https://research.tuni.fi/dao/)

https://www.avoinsatakunta.fi/ajatar-hanke/ (with SEIntS: https://www.tuni.fi/en/research/software-engineering-and-intelligent-systems-seints-pori)

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Research and innovation, project management, entrepreneurship, software development (see my linkedin profile)