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Tradenomikoulutus Virroilla

Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Learning by doing business together

In TAMK Proakatemia, you will gain a vantage point to global team entrepreneurship and leadership within a community based on advanced Finnish team learning and coaching model.

You will learn valuable real-life entrepreneurial and leadership skills, project management, coaching, communication skills, systems thinking, service design, digital business skills and, most importantly, how to run and develop a business that is successful, sustainable and responsible.

Our team leadership ideology starts from removing 'lecturers' and introducing a truly Finnish concept in our coaching model. Studying in Proakatemia takes place by working in a team enterprise together with other team entrepreneurs. Students establish real enterprises in which they learn teamwork, marketing and management skills by combining theory and practice. Coaches facilitate this by guiding towards new learning innovations and by setting goals in accordance to the underlying curriculum.