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Doctoral Programme in Built Environment

Tampere University

Constructive criticism and new knowledge

The Doctoral Programme in Built Environment provides students with excellent research skills and in-depth expertise in their field.

Our students choose between research fields

  • architecture and urban planning and design (research areas: management of built heritage, architectural design, and urban planning and design)
  • civil and infrastructure engineering (research areas: structural engineering, construction management and economics, infrastructure engineering, and transport systems)

Doctoral education allows students to acquire more in-depth scientific knowledge and more extensive skills in research and their practical application than master's programmes. Research training, which focuses on research and its practical application, is a key element of doctoral education. High-quality research is an integral part of doctoral education and research training. Upon completion of the programme, our graduates typically go on to pursue research and teaching careers in universities and research institutions or expert and management careers in the private and public sectors.