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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences (TTITO)

Head of the programme: Vice Dean for the Research, Professor Minnamari Vippola

The Head of the Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences (TTITO) oversees the administration, development and coordination of the programme in collaboration with the Doctoral Programme Committee and the Education Specialist of the programme.

The programme covers the following research fields: Automation Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

We offer doctoral students a high-quality research environment and the opportunity to complete the Doctor of Science (Technology) degree in a timely fashion.  Students who successfully complete the programme acquire the skills and competencies needed to pursue a research career or other challenging professions associated with engineering sciences.

The programme is primarily intended for talented and motivated students who conduct research that meets high international standards. Students in TTITO aims to 4 year, systematically supervised, high-quality doctoral education. Applications are accepted all year round expect in July.

TTITO- Steering Committee  

Professor, Vice Dean Minnamari Vippola (TTITO-Head of the Programme)  
Doctoral Student Shahroz Ahmed  
Professor Eric Coatanéa
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Azwirman Gusrialdi
Doctoral student Aimee de Koning
Professor Mikko Hokka 
Dean Martti Kauranen
Associate Professor (tenure track) Mikko Kanerva
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Tatiana Minav
Faculty Manager Jussi Pentti

Education Specialist  Anna Nykänen, anna.nykanen [at], Feel free to contact Anna if you have any questions.

TTITO- Steering Group meetings, autumn 2023

10.8. (dl 3.8.)
12.9. (dl 5.9.)
10.10. (dl  3.10.)
7.11. (dl 31.10.)
23.11. (dl 16.11.)

The materials are sent  to anna.nykanen [at] and the doctoral study right applications are submitted via Opintopolku.


Published: 17.6.2019
Updated: 14.11.2023