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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Doctoral Programme of Computing and Electrical Engineering (DPCEE)

Tampere University

In the doctoral programme of CEE the education leading to a postgraduate degree is planned and arranged according to the respective fields of research in engineering and technology. The basic units of research activities and postgraduate education are the research laboratories in tie fields of electrical engineering, electronics, mathematics, data science, communications engineering, computing and signal processing.

The programme operates in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. The steering committee appointed to the programme is responsible for planning, arranging and developing the doctoral programme together with the academic officer.

Contact persons in the matters related to this doctoral programme

•    Matti Mäntysalo, Professor, Head of Doctoral Programme
•    Elina Orava, Programme Specialist
•    Päivi Salo, Student Services Assistants
Faculty Office location in Hervanta Campus: Tietotalo building, rooms TD213 and TD211.
Personal email address format is firstname.lastname[@], general email address: cee.doc.tau[@]
Electronic services are regularly available. Kindly consult for a personal appointment if necessary.

Steering Committee:
Professor Matti Mäntysalo, Head of DPCEE programme
Professor Jari Nurmi, Head of A-WEAR programme
Professor Atanas Gotchev
Professor Elena-Simona Lohan
Tenure track -Professor Lassi Paunonen
Professor Jaakko Peltonen
Professor Sami Repo
Tenure track -Professor Konstantinos Stefanidis
Professor Ari Visa  
Elina Orava, Academic officer

Schedule of decisions and deadlines in the doctoral programme of CEE

Spring 2023 on Wednesdays:

Deadline for materials* Date of decisions (Council, Dean)
11.01.2023 25.01.2023
08.02.2023 22.02.2023
15.03.2023 29.03.2023
12.04.2023 26.04.2023
10.05.2023 24.05.2023
31.05.2023 14.06.2023

Autumn 2023 on Wednesdays:

Deadline for materials* Date of decisions (Council, Dean)
09.08.2023 23.08.2023
13.09.2023 27.09.2023
11.10.2023 25.10.2023
08.11.2023 22.11.2023
29.11.2023 13.12.2023

• *Deadline for the submission of all materials (incl. dissertation statements) concerning doctoral degrees and education is two weeks before the decision date.


Graduation and degree diploma

You can apply for the doctor's or licentiate's degree graduation and certificate in the Sisu system. Before submitting the application, make sure that

  • you have registered as an active doctoral student of the University and the Doctoral Programme of CEE
  • all your studies to be included in the degree have been recorded in the study register and the degree structure and studies have been confirmed by the programme

Once the dissertation has been approved at the Faculty Council meeting, the Dean decides to grant the degree.
See information about the schedule of graduation and degree certificate from the guide book page Graduation schedules

Programme-specific (DPCEE) contents on the Student’s Guide

Open programme-specific contents at the end of the linked page.

Forms for doctoral students

Published: 17.6.2019
Updated: 2.1.2023