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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Doctoral Programme in Built Environment (DPBEN)

The Doctoral Programme in Built Environment offers the possibility to complete the postgraduate degrees of Licentiate of Science, Doctor of Science (Technology), Doctor of Science (Architecture) and Doctor of Philosophy in the following research fields:

  • Architecture and Urban Planning and Design (research areas: Architectural Design, Management of Built Heritage, Urban Planning and Design)
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (research areas: Structural Engineering, Construction Management and Economics, Infrastructure Engineering, and Transport Systems)

Doctoral studies aim at a higher university degree with deeper scientific knowledge and skills in scientific research. At the core of the studies is researcher training, i.e. studies aimed at research work and the application of research results. High quality research is a prerequisite for further education and research training.

The programme is administered by the Faculty of Built Environment and supported and monitored by the programme's steering group. Head of the programme is university lecturer Minna Chudoba and Education Specialist of the programme is Anna Halonen.

The programme’s steering committee:

Head of the Doctoral Programme, University Lecturer Minna Chudoba (chair)
Vice Dean for Education, Professor Juho Rajaniemi
Vide Dean for Research, Professor Tim Länsivaara
Professor Kalle Kähkönen
University Lecturer Pekka Passinmäki 
Doctoral Reseacher Jaana Vanhatalo
Doctoral Reseacher Tero Marttila
Head of Study Services Marleena Yli-Äyhö
Education Specialist Anna Halonen


Head of the Doctoral Programme Minna Chudoba
Education Specialist Anna Halonen
Education Assistant Tuuli Tamminen

ben.doc.tau [at]
(other email adresses firstname.lastname [at]

Postal address:

Tampere University
Faculty of Built Environment
P.O.BOX 600
33014 Tampere University

Visiting address:

Tampere University
Hervanta Campus, Rakennustalo Building
Korkeakoulunkatu 5
33720 Tampere

Forms for doctoral studies

DPBEN Guidelines

Published: 17.6.2019
Updated: 30.6.2023