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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Doctoral Programme of Education and Society (DPEDU)

Doctoral Programme of Education and Society


Contact information:

Faculty of Education and Culture

Virta Building

Åkerlundinkatu 5

FI-33014 Tampere University


Head of the Doctoral Programme:  Professor Petri Nokelainen

Study Coordinator: Sari Raudasoja

Education assistant: Heli Jokiaho (registration of study attainments, degree certificates)


Planning group for the Doctoral Programme of Education and Society

University lecturer Johanna Annala
Professor Mervi Kaukko
Professor Jaakko Kauko
University lecturer Vesa Korhonen
University lecturer Elina Kuusisto
Research Specialist Anneli Lehtisalo
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Juliene Madureira Ferreira

Doctoral student representatives: Venla Tammisalo and Samin Lee.

Study Coordinator Sari Raudasoja, secretary

Vice Dean for Research

Research Director Tiina Soini-Ikonen

Steering Group of Education

Chair: Vice Dean Jyri Lindén 


The Dean of the Faculty of Education and Culture

EdD Tiina Silander

The Dean for example appoints pre-examiners as well as staff for the defense (Custos, Opponent, Evaluation board), evaluates Licentiate Theses, approves the changes of supervisors, admits new students, signs degree certificates.


Faculty Council of the Faculty of Education and Culture

The Faculty Council meetings are on Wednesdays at 12 o’clock. Material for the meeting must be submitted to the presenting official at least one week before the date of the meeting.

Tasks of the Faculty Council are for example granting permissions for public defence, the grading of doctoral dissertations, the approval of curriculum and course offerings of the doctoral programme, the approval of selection criteria for new doctoral students, the handling of appeals.

Presenting official at the Faculty Council: Study Coordinator Sari Raudasoja

Dates of the Faculty Council meetings



Published: 17.6.2019
Updated: 3.1.2024