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Ultrasound modified surfaces

Tribology and Surface Modification

Tribology and Surface Modification is a multi-disciplinary research group performing research in different aspects of tribology and fatigue. The primary professional research of the group is related to the application of surface modification technologies to the study of solid basis in tribology, mechanics of materials, contact mechanics, degradation mechanisms, and mechanical characterizations of various materials, including metals, coatings, and ceramics.

Research focus and goals

We mainly focus on improving the tribological and mechanical properties of various materials by surface severe plastic deformation (S2PD) method and shedding light on the wear, corrosion, and fatigue degradation mechanisms. Devoted to the science and technology of Tribology and Surface Modification, our main research activities include fundamental and applied research in the fields of tribology, corrosion, fretting, and fatigue of materials.  

Our main goals are to improve the reliability and service life of mechanical components and systems to reduce maintenance costs and energy by providing advanced tribological expertise and solutions. In addition, we perform experimental and numerical tests of tribology, tribo-corrosion, and fatigue of mechanical components to investigate the nanostructure-property relationships with the aim of implementing them in practical and industrial applications effectively.