Open science

Open science and research are tightly interwoven in the activities of Tampere higher education community. Scientific publications and theses, research data and methods produced within Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are primarily open and meant for cooperative use.

We appreciate openness of science and support its fulfilment. The main ambitions and characteristics of open science are:

  • publication of research results, research data, source code and methods in such a way that they can be accessed and used
  • transparency, findability and reusability of research methods, research data and results
  • benefits to society, to science and to the researcher

 Openness promotes science and the development of scientific community:

  • enhancing and ensuring the quality of scientific knowledge
  • strengthening the reliability and transparency of research
  • increasing the possibilities to utilise scientific knowledge and scientific methods in research, teaching and studying
  • enabling and enriching mutual collaboration between researchers
  • increasing the impact of research in society

The openness of science is an integral part of good scientific practice and researcher skills. With the help of The Open Science and Research policy by Tampere higher education community, we have defined the actions that help us orientate towards science that is more open.