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Tampere University Library

Open science and research support services

Library is your partner in research. We promote open science by providing support for open publishing and managing research data. We also advise on following the impact and visibility of your research and on the use of the research information systems of our community. We organise trainings and offer personal advice. In addition, the Open Access publisher Tampere University Press operates at the University.

Open science trainings

Library organise trainings about open access publishing and researcher's visibility and impact. Tampere higher education community’s Research data services organise trainings covering data management and data protection.

Open access publishing

Open access publishing support
The Library offers support at different stages of open access publishing. We help for example to choose a reliable publication channel, self-archiving, comment the publication plans, request publishing permissions from the publishing houses. We also advise in questions relating to article processing charges, the Creative Commons licences and sharing terms and conditions et cetera. Please contact: oa [at]

Open access publishing guide

Publishing support
The Library offers support when you are publishing your doctoral dissertation or other thesis like bachelor’s and master’s theses. The aim is to publish all theses in the open repositories of the higher education community. Please contact: dissertations [at] or thesis [at]

Guide for submitting and publishing thesis
Guide for publishing a doctoral dissertation

Tampere University Press
Tampere University Press (TUP) publishes peer-reviewed scholarly books. We focus on social sciences, humanities, and educational sciences. TUP is an Open Access publisher, in other words, our books are freely available on the internet. Please contact: tup [at] tuni.ficlass="spamspan"

Research impact and visibility

High impact and visibility of research is one of the key goals of Tampere higher education community. The Library promotes open and responsible reporting of research.

We offer customized research metrics, following the principles of responsibility and openness, to the Tampere higher education community’s management, faculties, schools and research groups. We provide bibliometric analyses for different purposes, for example for monitoring the impact of the Universities’ research, funding applications and recruitment.

We also advice researchers on how to apply research metrics and the principles of responsible scientific publication. We support in creating ORCID researcher IDs and give guidance on other visibility services.

Please contact: lib.metrics [at]

Research Impact and Visibility guide

Research data management

Tampere higher education community requires that all the research data produced within higher education community are as open as possible and as closed as necessary. Good research data management is an important part of researcher skills and good scientific practice. Tampere higher education community’s Research data services support researchers in their data management.

Research Data Services at Tampere higher education community helps researcher in research data management. Research data services comprehends

  • Library data support,
  • Data management support (data managers),
  • IT Services,
  • Research Services,
  • Records Management
  • Legal Service Team and
  • The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD).

We organise data management trainings covering topics such as describing your data, data protection, data storage services and data sharing. We comment on data management plans and provide support for assessing data protection risks. Please contact: researchdata [at]

Research data management guide

Research information systems

Tampere University - TUNICRIS
Library provide support and training in using research information systems TUNICRIS. All publication data and academic activities of Tampere University are maintained in the TUNICRIS research information system. TUNICRIS can be accessed with TUNI credentials. Please contact: cris.tau [at]


link to public research portal

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
At Tampere University of Applied Sciences, the publication references are stored through the JUSTUS service. Publication references can be browsed at portal.  You can also access open articles and self-archived publications through the portal. More information: justus.tamk [at]

JUSTUS instructions

Open educational resources

Open education and open learning are parts of open science. Open education makes possible the sharing of educational resources and practices as well as their further development. As a member of Tampere Universities community, you can ask the library for advice about opening your educational resources. 

We organize training and support the sharing of educational resources. Contact us at oa [at]

Library’s guide: Open education and open educational resources