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Packaging materials

Paper Converting and Packaging Technology

Paper Converting and Packaging teaches, studies, develops and applies new processes, methods and materials e.g. for packaging in a sustainable principle. Co-operation partners are paper, paper converting and packaging companies, institutes, universities and raw material manufacturers.

Research focus and goals

Finnish nature based raw materials are studied and developed for new products and new application areas, as well as to replace fossil based raw materials. Ever thinner thicknesses and renewable raw materials are demanded from paper, board and coatings.

Packaging sector is global business and specifically worldwide food industry packaging solutions are in the focus of our actions. The obvious and long-lasting partner for us is forest industry with global markets, as well as, national and international companies, universities and institutes.

Paper Converting pilot-line is equipped to study and develop extrusion and dispersion coating, laminating, surface treatment, cast film technology processes, new packaging materials and structures. Laboratory analyses of materials include e.g. barrier, (heat)sealing, surface energy and adhesion.

Important research areas are circular economy, nature based renewable materials and their processing e.g. nano cellulose, lignin and biodegradable polymers. The efficiency of raw materials usage is accomplished by the study and the development of ultra thin coatings.

Special surface functionalities of web materials such as superhydrophobicity and slippery infused surface structures are studied and developed in our research group's projects.