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EUCAlyptus LIgnin VAlorisation for Advanced Materials and Carbon Fibres

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Eucaliva is a research project based on extracting high-purity soluble lignin from chemical wood pulping processes (black liquors from eucalyptus Kraft pulping).

The project will develop and set-up a fully-integrated, energetically-efficient, scalable, innovative and flexible processing chain based on the valorisation of lignin for producing carbon fibres (CF) and other carbon-based materials, mainly for functional applications.  

New applications will be reached: multifunctional film-like conductive, piezo-resistive and piezoelectric materials (e.g., for biosensors, flexible electrodes, stretchable electronics), smart fabrics and functional fibres, as well as applications based on fibrous mats, non-woven fabrics and their carbonized derivatives (carbon-activated products.


Eucaliva helps to valorise current waste, known as black liquors, separating useful components such us lignin and polyurethanes. The intrinsic value of the lignin continues to be largely overlooked. Lignin is the most abundant source of aromatic chemicals outside of crude oil. The potential for lignin production in the existing pulp and paper industry is more than 50 million tons/year. Not just paper and pulp industry benefit from reducing waste and create a new market line. Other niche markets will benefit from the materials produced in Eucaliva.

Potential applications are wearable electronics, flexible displays, skin sensors, stretchable electronics or flexible pressure gauge. Activated carbon from nonwovens: e.g. Air purification (industrial, automotive and household), water purification, sanitary and military masks, ELCD for automotive filters (fuel efficiency), electrode in Capacitive Energy Storage (accumulators).

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