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Bio-based intelligent solutions -collaboration platform strengthening regional circular economy

BioÄly project - Objectives and Results:

  • Creating industry initiated product and service concepts, and pilots/demonstrations in collaboration with industrial partners.
  • Building a collaboration platform for bio-based intelligent solutions supporting bio- and circular economy.
  • Creating knowledge and knowhow pool about available technologies with linked experts on the areas.
  • Collaboration platform enables new business models and building of the value chains.


The main goal is to create a bio-based intelligent solutions collaboration platform within the timeframe of the project. The network is built around intelligent bio-based solutions that enhance the collaboration between different parties of the network. This interdisciplinary project combines expertise from modern electronics, materials and packaging technology, nano and biomaterials, process chemistry and value analysis in circular economy. The project targets to create preconditions for long-term, evolving and appealing collaboration network.  

The target is to create an operational principle of the collaboration network that is piloted and developed with the help of the state-of the-art scientific knowledge.  Main outcome of the project is open and active innovation collaboration network for bio and circular economy in the Pirkanmaa region. The target is that the network will continue in function also after the project benefiting the collaboration platform members.

Funding source

European Regional Development Fund

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