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Support Us! is the university community’s joint message in fundraising

Published on 11.12.2019
Tampere Universities
Kannata meitäPer Ashorn (MD, PhD) is a professor of paediatrics. He splits his time between research, teaching and societal interaction and holds a professorship in paediatrics at Tampere University as well as a part-time appointment as chief physician in the Department of Paediatrics at Tampere University Hospital.
Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined forces in fundraising. Our common campaign message is Support us! We are seeking donors to join our support team for research and education in different fields for the benefit of society, competitiveness and the environment.

Our fundraising site Support us! publishes fundraising news and information on the practical matters that must be taken into account in fundraising. Seven of our experts and one external supporter endorse our fundraising on the Support us! pages. They talk about their work in research, education and business as well as share their views on what the university community means to them. 

Donations to Tampere University and TAMK 

Tampere University and TAMK have their own fundraising licences, and donations are made separately to them. Tampere University and TAMK receive both general and targeted donations.

Donations to Tampere University 

Donations to Tampere University of Applied Sciences 

The values, strategy and mission of the Tampere university community guide fundraising 

The fundraising culture of the Tampere university community is based on ethics, openness and respect for the wishes of the donors. It also takes into account the donors from the previous universities and their will as concerns the use of targeted donations.

The university community has common fundraising principles, which, among other things, specify the ethical starting points of fundraising and the practical measures related to accepting donations. If solving the biggest questions related to technology, health and society is close to your heart, join the support team of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Support us!

The process and division of responsibilities in fundraising


On fundraising

Manager, Innovation Services and Partnerships
Elina Suojanen-Laine Tampere University

On the funds and using the donated funds

Director of Finance Heli Huhtala Tampere University

Head of Finance and Accounting Services Merja Saarinen TAMK