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The self-service return machine is now also available at the TAMK Main Campus unit

Published on 11.8.2020
Tampere Universities
The premises and customer services of the Library have opened to the members of the University community with access rights with limited service hours on Monday, 10th of August 2020. TAMK Main Campus unit has a new sorting return self-service machine.

All premises continue to comply with the applicable safety instructions regarding safety intervals and hygiene instructions

  • We ask our customers to use the borrowing and returning self service machines in all our locations for returning and borrowing. Our return boxes are also at your disposal.
  • During limited service, our customer service desks do not accept returns or borrow books to minimize social contact.
  • Our customer service focuses on serving you in all other matters related to the use of the library and information retrieval issues.
  • In customer service situations, we ask you to pay attention to safety distances for other customers and our staff.
  • The number of customer workstations on the library's premises has been reduced by about half so that we can implement the necessary safety distances in our customer premises. Please keep this in mind when planning to work longer on our premises.
  • Hand disinfectants are available at the library's customer services, and you can wash your hands in our toilets.

A new sorting return self-service machine has been purchased for the library's TAMK Main Campus unit during the summer. When entering from the door, the self-service return machine is located immediately on the left side of the customer service counter at the former return box. The self-service machines opposite are now just for borrowing material. A red box outside the library door, on the left in the lobby, is still available for returns. In addition, returns can be left on the Teiskontie side of the building to mail box by the main entrance. 


Despite the exceptions, the library's online services operate normally. 

This page contains Tampere University Library policies during the corona virus pandemic.