All premises of the Tampere University Library are closed 18.3.2020 onwards. Most of our services and all materials online are available to you as normal.

Updated 1.4.2020

Online services

  • Our extensive e-material collection, which you can find from our Databases list
  • Andor search finds all our material, both electronic and printed
  • Our entire online collection is available for the entire Tampere Universities community
  • Remote use access to e-resources outside the Tampere University or the University of Applied Sciences by HAKA login> select Tampere Universities as your home organization> use your Tuni ID
  • Our Chat Services at the bottom right of our web pages will serve you exceptionally longer than normally, from 8 am to 5 pm every weekday
  • Our Service addresses provide targeted assistance with all your library transactions
  • If necessary, you can also request that the material you have already reserved before coronavirus exceptios, which has already been arrived for pick up, be delivered from another location to Hervanta using the text / course book form
  • The Campus arena is open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm, and students must enter the main door (south wall of Konetalo). No access with key card through the doors.

Open online materials

Many publishers have now made their material more widely available than usual because of the exceptional Coronavirus situation. Some publishers have opened their material to anyone to read, some have opened additional material to existing subscribers, or removed restrictions on concurrent users, and some have only opened publications related to COVID19 studies.

The material has been opened by eg. Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley. And in addition to these there are license extensions for Ebsco and ProQuest ebooks from certain listed publishers.

The following table, updated by The International Coalition of Library Consortia ICOLC, provides a list of resources made available:

ICOLC COVID19 Complimentary Expanded Access Specifics

In addition to this international listing, the following domestic material is available (only in Finnish):

Borrowing and Customer Service

  • The due dates for all borrowed material will be postponed to Wednesday 27.5.2020
    • This applies to course books, short loans and all other material.
    • The transfer of due dates does NOT apply to Music academy materials.
  • The last pick up dates for retrieving reserved material have also been postponed until 27.5.2020.
  • There are no late fees during the time libraries are closed
  • Interlibrary loan service is closed and it does not send or order new material during the closure.
  • We do not recommend returning material to libraries.
    • Return boxes outside libraries will be emptied when the situation permits.
  • If necessary, you can also request material that you have already reserved prior to corona situation and it is available for pick up to be delivered from another location to Hervanta using this form.
  • The campus arena is open on weekdays from 8am to 4pm, and students must enter the main door (south wall of Konetalo), the access card does not work when entering the building.

Ordering necessary books for use

In order to ensure a smooth course of studies, access to printed course literature and printed material critical to the completion of the thesis is guaranteed to all students in the University community regardless of the closure of the premises so that the customer can order the course book they require using this formThe book can only be picked up in the Hervanta Campus arena (Kampusareena) 1st floor short loan room, from where the customer must pick up and loan the material as selfservice.

In addition, we would like our customers to follow exactly the instructions given when retrieving the reserved material from the Hervanta Campus Arena's shortloan room: 

The Hervanta Campus arena is closed from Friday 10.4. to Monday 13.4. due to Easter holiday.

Only the person who reserved the material will be able to retrieve the material at Campus arena. Larger groups are not allowed in the lobby!

  • Only 1 person at a time in a short loan room. Because of the small space, only one person at a time can be in the room due to the social distancing regulations.
  • Waiting for access to the short loan room be sure to remember to have enough distance to your fellow students.
  • In the short loan room, you have antiseptic hand rub - use it.
  • If you have any respiratory symptoms, do not retrieve the book yourself from indoors.

Doors to Campus arena are open at the moment from 8 am to 4pm. In Hervanta short loan room or Campus arena lobby, it is not possible to stay longer than the time it takes to retrieve the reserved material. Staying on the premises is forbidden. The property is constantly monitored. 

It is only possible to retrieve the material from Hervanta, as all other premises of the University community are closed according to the policy of the government and the University community. Hervanta's Campus arena (Kampusareena) is a building that is kept open because there are companies in the same building that are supposed to continue to operate normally.

The Campus arena is open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm, and students must enter through the main door (south wall of Konetalo). No access with key card through the doors.

Once the reserved material is retrievable, it will become the standard e-mail notification to the customer. Hervanta campus and contact information. 

    Teaching, guidance and training

    Teaching, guidance and training provided by the library are being held remotely. Due to this situation, we are not canceling anything, but are transferring all activities online and behind remote connections.

    Publishing services, research data support

    Publishing services and library research support services are available online as usual.

    Submitting printed TAMK thesis, see instructions:


    Saving the thesis to Theseus ( works normally.


    Proposals can be made normally, but so far only electronic materials are being made available.