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The Library will open to customers 10th of August 2020

Published on 6.8.2020
Tampere Universities
Kirjaston hyllyä
The premises and customer services of all five units of the Library will be opened to the members of the University community with access rights with limited service hours on Monday, 10th of August 2020. We will also open a book pick-up service point for non-Community customers in Hervanta.

According to the general guidelines of the University community, the facilities are available in accordance with the access rights on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00.

To minimize the risk of infection and to identify potential chains of infection, staff and students will have access to campus and library facilities with their key card.

All premises continue to comply with the applicable safety instructions regarding safety intervals and hygiene instructions. We ask our customers to follow the above-mentioned safety instructions on the library premises.

Library units open at Linna, Hervanta, TAMK Main campus, and Arvo 10.8.2020 onwards  - with key card: 

Library premises 

Mon-Fri 8.00 – 16.00

Customer Service 

Mon-Fri 10.00 – 14.00

TAMK Mediapolis unit is open according to TAMK's opening hours and the customer service is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00 to 14.00. 

Our online chat service is open Mon-Fri from 9 to 15. 

  • From 10.8. on our interlibrary services are available for members of University community who have access to campuses to pick up the materials from the service desk.
    • Unfortunately we cannot provide interlibrary services for non-university customers at the moment.
  • Our interlibrary services deliver materials for other libraries but there may be some delay in delivery.
  • The silent reading room in Linna is open Mon-Fri from 8 to 16 with a key card. The area has a reduced number of workplaces.
  • The group work spaces of all Library units are also available with reduced workplaces. The possibility to book a group works room is available from 8 to 16.
  • The services of the newspaper collection will continue as normal. The newspaper reading room has a reduced number of seats.
  • The number of client computers in use has been reduced on the library premises on all campuses. About half of the workstations are in use.
  • In Hervanta, the library's 3D printing and VR room are disabled during these exceptional times.
  • All reserved material from the Hervanta office is retrieved from the same space. The pick-up point will also serve our external customers from 10.8.2020 on the 1st floor of the Kampusareena in Logos (A119).

The exemption arrangements are currently in force for the 1st period, ie until 18.102020. The arrangements will then be reviewed or, if necessary, before this, if circumstances so require. Policies may need to be changed as the coronavirus situation or regulatory guidelines change.


  • We ask our customers to use the borrowing and returning self service machines in all our locations for returning and borrowing. Our return boxes are also at your disposal.
  • During limited service, our customer service desks do not accept returns or borrow books to minimize social contact.
  • Our customer service focuses on serving you in all other matters related to the use of the library and information retrieval issues.
  • In customer service situations, we ask you to pay attention to safety distances for other customers and our staff.
  • The number of customer workstations on the library's premises has been reduced by about half so that we can implement the necessary safety distances in our customer premises. Please keep this in mind when planning to work longer on our premises.
  • Hand disinfectants are available at the library's customer services, and you can wash your hands in our toilets.
  • Please follow the necessary safety instructions and good epidemic hygiene on the library premises.

Customers outside the university community

It is not possible for customers outside the University community to enter the campuses and library units during the 1st period, nor can anyone enter the library unit without the access card / key card.

For our non-university customers who do not have access to campuses, a pick-up service point for the ordered, loanable material is now available at the Hervanta unit, from where the ordered material can be picked up without a key card.

  • An external customer must already have customer information and a working library card already in the library system, because at the moment we are not able to make new customers for external persons due to the closure of campuses.

Now you can order normally borrowed 14-day and 28-day loans only with this order formThe form is now for external customers only, all members of the university community make reservations normally in Andor. 

In Hervanta, the reservation pick-up service point will also serve our external customers from 10 August 2020 in the Logos (A119) room on the 1st floor of the Kampusareena. 

Despite the exceptions, the library's online services operate normally. 

This page contains Tampere University Library policies during the corona virus pandemic.