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Ask about distance learning and exams via chat

Published on 24.4.2020
Tampere Universities
A chat will open for questions regarding distance learning and exams for students of TAMK and TAU starting from Monday 27 April. In the new Frequently asked questions about distance learning and exams page you can find answers to the most frequent questions and chat with a study counsellor to ask general and technical questions to which you cannot find answers elsewhere.

A study counsellor is available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday at 2 pm – 3 pm starting from Monday 27 April.

The link to the chat can be found in Student’s Guide’s new handbook page Frequently asked questions about distance learning and exams, where we will add more questions and answers regularly. 

Please follow these links to TAMK’s ja TAU's handbooks.

Use this form to send more questions to be added to the frequently asked questions page. We are happy to receive your questions but not all of them can be added to the page. If you need a personal answer, please ask your question during the chat hours mentioned above.

The chat will help with general questions. Questions regarding specific courses should be addressed to the teacher of the course. Intranet and IT Services’ pages Student: Practical instructions for distance learning and Distance learning study skills have also been added to the Student’s Guide and contain important information on the subject. Remember to check them out.