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Arho Suominen: Shedding light on future technologies: hearsay or analysis

Published on 10.5.2021
Tampere University
Arho Suominen.
Arho Suominen is an Industry Professor of industrial engineering and management in the Faculty of Management and Business. His area of expertise is the evolution of technology, especially technological forecasting.

“I seek to understand how the evolution of technology will reshape industry, business and our society. Through research, we try to construct an overall picture of our future technological environment while also taking an active role in creating the future we want,” Suominen says. 

According to Suominen, the research carried out in his field makes an impact not only on industry and business but also on the public sector. From the perspective of industry and business stakeholders, technological forecasting increases their understanding of the changing business landscape and the competitive dynamics between companies, whereas public organisations gain a better understanding of the activities and interactions going on within the innovation system.

“Technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our society. Emerging technologies are being integrated into our work and leisure at an unprecedented rate. In industry and business, the rapid advancement of technology is challenging the established ways of manufacturing products and providing services,” Suominen says. 

Suominen adds that in the next few years the researchers working in this field will focus on exploring how the next cycle of technology changes industry, business and our society and on studying R&D decision-making in companies and the global race to develop technology.

“The goal of my research is to make sure we do not sit on the sidelines but actively participate in creating something new.”

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