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Zoom Events

Tampere University and TAMK

Zoom Events service is in pilot phase in 2023. Zoom Events is an event tool for virtual and hybrid events. A virtual event has a capacity of 500 participants. The event tool allows you to manage event registration, visuals, event program, and networking. Zoom Events allows you to organise single or parallel Zoom webinars and meetings. It is also possible to set up an Expo exhibition area at the event.

Zoom Events is part of the Funet Miitti Zoom service, produced jointly with NORDUnet. The IT department will implement the addition of events to Zoom Events service, event organisers will be granted editing rights (Co-Editor) to edit the event. Watch the CSC demonstration video on Zoom Events. If you are running a single event and do not need the more advanced features of Events, a Zoom meeting or webinar licence may be sufficient.

To book and schedule a Zoom Events event, please contact the IT Helpdesk at it-helpdesk [at] and let us know in the message:

  • Order of a Zoom Events
  • Event name
  • Event type: single/parallel/recurring
  • Event date: dates and times
  • Event editing rights: who will be given co-editor rights (email addresses, up to three people)
  • Open registration page or importing registrated participants from another registration platform


Editing a Zoom Event as a co-editor

Once the event is created, you will receive an Edit Event link in your email. Allow enough time to go through the event settings. Please note the following functions:

1.1 Event configuration

  • Event name
  • Hosted by.(add the event organiser)
  • Contact email. Change the correct contact address (email and name) for the event, changing the address requires an email acknowledgement within 10 minutes of the change
  • You can add a logo to the website
  • Main Event Masthead will be displayed on the website and in the email invitations of participants, this image should be personalised for the event

1.2 Event branding

You can customise the colour palettes for event pages and texts, if required.

1.3 Event detail page

  • Title and description are shown on the registration page.
  • Category
  • Content configuration (visibility of sessions and speakers)

1.4 Event access

  • Who can view this event? Is the registration page visible to all viewers or is Zoom account required
  • Allow users without Zoom account to register event

2. Event content

2.1 Sessions

Create webinars and meetings individually or using a CSV file. Sessions must be created before creating the event tickets. 

Adding events individually. From the Add menu, select Add Session Manually

  • Title
  • Session starts. Select the start time and duration
  • Event type, select whether the event is a Zoom webinar or Zoom meeting 
  • Session image. Personalize the different events with your own graphics.
  • About this session. Fill in the description of the event
  • Speakers. Add the speakers of the event (name, email address, photo), they will be visible in the program and will automatically get panelist rights for the webinar. If you do not want the speakers to appear in the event program schedule, you can hide them after adding them. Can also be added on the speakers tab and then added to different sessions
  • Alternative hosts. Add alternates who can start the event.
  • More controls tab
    • Track. You can use categories in the programme map (e.g. education, technology, etc.), useful especially if there are overlapping events in the event
    • Interpreters. Invite Interpreters
    • Polls/Quizzes

2.2 Speakers

Add the speakers of the event and their details, if necessary they can be given editing rights to their own details. If you don't want to show the speakers in the event program you can hide them. 

2.3 Exhibitors. Add organisers to Expo

3. Event experience

3.1 Lobby configuration

  • Visibility of sessions and speakers
  • Lobby controls (opening time)
  • Lobby chat and networking.Is chat and networking in use? You can add announcement pop-ups from Host announcements

3.2 Expo

Exhibitors area. Exhibitor spaces can be created in the Expo area:

  • You can add a Zoom meetings, demonstrations and arrange networking
  • add material to be distributed as a PDF file
  • add an embeddable video
  • Upload a PDF file to your stand
  • customise a background image for a virtual stand

3.3 Meeting & Webinar

Session controls

  • Waiting room on/off for meetings
  • Webinar backstage. The backstage function can be used for larger events, allowing event presenters to chat with each other in their own room and then take their turn in the actual presentation room. The host can also move a speaker between the backstage and the performance space.
  • Allow cloud recording. Whether cloud recording (to Panopto) is enabled
  • Allow local recording. Select whether sessions are recorded locally using the Zoom app
  • Allow webinar to be livestreamed to 3rd party platform. (disable function)
  • In session branding -tab. You can add your own background images and name tags for webinars if required. Name badges that appear on the camera images of participants can be used for webinar hosts, alternative hosts, speakers and panelists.

3.4 Post event

  • Event survey
  • Lobby close date and time


Zoom Events  participation

Zoom Events registration and joining sessions video (captions also in english)

  •  Lobby. In the registration email you will receive a link to participate, open the link and join the event virtual lobby (Lobby).
  •  Itinerary. On the main page you will see the sessions of the event, you can mark the events you are interested in on your own schedule.
  •  Sessions. Starting events are displayed on the main page and on the sessions tab. When the Join function is visible, you can join an event. Join allows you to open an event in the Zoom app
  •  Networking and Chat. If chat and networking are enabled on the main page, you can initiate conversations. On a small screen resolution the chat window may be reduced, open the chat from the blue speech bubble.
  •  EXPO. If the exhibition section is open you can join it from the EXPO tab. You can move around the exhibition using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you want to see the exhibitors' spaces as a list, change the Spatial view function in the settings. To enter an individual booth, select Enter Booth from the booth menu.
Published: 20.1.2023
Updated: 13.4.2023