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Information security and mobile phones

Tampere University and TAMK

Like any computers, mobile phones must be appropriately secured. Use mobile data in Finland and EU/EEA countries: all staff members' mobile phones come with affordable data plans. The use of openly accessible public networks is not recommended. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it. Read your phone’s user guide to find out more about the security settings.

Set up a lock screen password

Set up a lock screen password to protect your phone from unauthorised access in case it is lost or stolen. Without the lock screen, unauthorised persons will be able to access, for example, all your emails and other data stored in your phone.

  • Go to the application list.
  • Tap the settings/gear icon.
  • Tap Lock screen.
  • Tap Screen lock type.
  • Select Password.
  • Enter your selected password twice.
  • It is recommended to hide the content of the notifications in the lock screen. This is set in a Samsung phone like this: Launch Settings, tap Lock screen - Notifications. Switch on  "Hide content".

Lost or stolen mobile phone or SIM card

Temporarily suspend your service by calling Elisa, tel. 010 804 400. Then send an email to the IT Helpdesk at it-helpdesk [at]

Return of old phones

Please return your old phones to the campus Device locker. Defective and discarded phones are delivered for safe recycling.

Installing multifactor authentication on your phone

Multifactor authentication means additional authentication on the mobile device at login. This is not always done, but when necessary. Use is free and all you need is a working Android or Apple phone. You can install the application on more than one device according to your needs.

See instructions how to install multifactor authentication on your phone

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 28.9.2023