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Publishing mobile application

Tampere University and TAMK

A project or service at Tampere Universities community may publish mobile applications (mobile apps) on behalf of the community with the permission of its unit.

The announcing of publications during the teaching period, such as assignments, is handled within the unit, eg by setting up a developer account for the degree programme.

To publish, please apply for “Mobile app publishing” access to the app store of your choice via the Identity management service on

  • Different access rights for publishing on Apple and Google services.
  • All developers who are staff members must apply for the above access right.
  • Purchased applications will be published by a staff member of the project or unit
  • More detailed information about the project or service that will publish the mobile application (app) is required in the additional information field of the access right or in the ticket.

As the publisher, you are responsible for ensuring that the following are implemented in the published application:

  • data security and data protection are audited (outsourced, by a third party)
  • other laws and regulations, and good practices,
  • policies from Apple or Google and
  • instructions of Tampere Universities community’s Communications Unit.

Publish the mobile application using the instructions provided by Apple and Google.

Published: 30.11.2022
Updated: 13.12.2022