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Use of mobile phones

Tampere University and TAMK

Sharing a mobile data connection from a phone

Changing the data usage alert of your phone

Your Android telephone may give a “data usage alert 2Gt”. However, you can ignore this feature of Android phones because Tampere University’s and TAMK’s telephones have unlimited data transfer capacity when the phone is used in Finland.

How can I change or remove the data usage alert?

  • Open your phone as usual
  • Go to the Settings of your phone (scroll down from the top of the phone and click the cogwheel icon in the top right corner)
  • Select Connections
  • Select the Data usage option
  • Select Mobile Data usage
  • Tap the Settings cogwheel icon in the top right corner
    • If you want to disable the usage alert, slide the grey bar to switch it off.
    • If you want to set the limit higher, select the Data Warning option, set it to the limit you want, and tap save.

Synchronise your TUNI email account, calendar and contacts to your mobile phone

Adding your TUNI ID to your device gives you easy access to your email, calendar and TUNI address book wherever you are.

  • Install the “Microsoft Outlook” application from the Play Store
  • Open the "Microsoft Outlook" application
  • Enter your TUNI email address
  • Enter your TUNI password address and Log in
  • After that the setting will be found automatically
  • Remember to take in use the multifactor authentication (MFA)

The Elisa Ring service allows you to manage your phone plan (such as call transfers)

In addition to your mobile phone number, your phone plan will have a business phone number beginning with the digits 0294. Your business phone number is displayed in the Elisa Ring service. You can use your business phone number along with (or instead of) your mobile phone number.

Call transfers and voicemail

If you do not answer an incoming call within 35 seconds, the call will be automatically redirected to the University's switchboard. If your phone is not connected to the internet, unanswered calls will be redirected after 5 seconds. Elisa Ring allows you to adjust your call transfer settings and, for example, divert unanswered calls to your voicemail. 

Phone maintenance

  • If your phone is not working properly, please deliver it to the IT Helpdesk so it can be sent for repair. The IT Helpdesk will lend you a phone while your phone is being repaired.
  • The maintenance costs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Phones that are older than two years will not be repaired.

End of employment

Please return your phone and SIM card to the campus Device locker.


Work phone use and restrictions

The work phone is intended as a work tool. Domestic calls and messages included in the subscription's fixed basic fee, as well as internet browsing, are also allowed for private use during working hours. Access to pay-as-you-go service numbers (taxi ordering, number services, etc.) is only allowed for essential work needs. Using a work phone for mobile payments or donations is prohibited, even if a person has a work phone as a taxable employee benefit. Note mobile ticket purchases related to work trips are also prohibited for TAMK's phone bill.

When changing the work phone

Please remember to return the old phone to the device locker on campus or according to the instructions given by the it-helpdesk.

At the end of the employment relationship

Employee: Return the phone and SIM card to the device locker on campus.

Supervisor: inform the it-helpdesk about the termination of the work phone subscription and make sure that the phone and sim card have been returned.


Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 14.6.2024