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Social and cultural responsibility

Tampere Universities’ values include, among other things, diversity, learner-centredness, openness and responsibility. Collaboration is the foundation of our operating culture. Employees at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences work a total of approximately 4,200 person-years annually. Our multidisciplinary universities community has 30,000 students.

Equality and non-discrimination

We nurture the know-how and well-being of everyone in our community. Our operating methods support the multidisciplinary encounters of people from different fields.

The goal of Tampere Universities is to contribute to the promotion of equality and non-discrimination in society. The universities community considers the principles of equality and non-discrimination in the preparation of decisions, decision-making and the subsequent implementations.

Our community members have equal opportunities to learn new things, research, participate and have influence according to their role as students or employees. The promotion of equality is the duty of every member in our community.

An equality and non-discrimination policy has been drawn up for the universities community and the achievement of policy objectives is monitored and evaluated by the equal opportunities committee.

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Students’ well-being

The well-being and success of students in their studies is the foundation for our responsible operations. Tampere Universities are working purposefully to ensure the well-being of students. They are developing academic guidance and counselling and the support of students to ensure that their studies can progress smoothly.

Tampere Universities are working for the best of students and working life. They ensure excellent learning opportunities for students and participate in research, development and innovation activities that develop working life.

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Tampere University as an employer

In 2020, Tampere University launched an HR programme which aims at long-term HR policy, continuous learning, support for career progress and a commitment to making researchers funded by grants an integral part of the community.

Tampere University provides proficient support for research, teaching and learning. It is proud of the successes and know-how of its community because they are the cornerstone of the University’s societal impact and attractiveness.

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences as an employer

TAMK works purposefully to promote the well-being of staff. TAMK supports its employees’ skills development and coping at work with, among other things, interesting duties, job rotation, career development and versatile training opportunities.

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Cultural responsibility

Teaching, research and social interaction of Tampere Universities have long traditions locally, nationally and internationally. Our actions reflect respect for the diversity of people, fields and traditions.

The university supports the internationalisation and cultural activities of students

Tampere University has a specific fund for student societies and associations operating under the student union TREY’s umbrella. Grant applications are invited on an annual basis. The University manages the fund but coordinates the awarding of grants in cooperation with TREY. Grants are available for the following purposes: internationalisation, cultural activities and student sports.

The University supports internationalisation to encourage student organisations to take measures to promote internationalisation among students. Cultural activities are supported to encourage student organisations to engage in a wide variety of cultural activities. Grants are awarded for student sports to support students, through their parent sports associations, who participate in major student sporting events. 

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive

In 1999, the University of Tampere – which is a predecessor of Tampere University – was assigned the special national task of hosting the Social Science Data Archive whose establishment was mandated by the Ministry of Education. The Social Science Data Archive is an independent unit performing one of the national and international tasks of the University by archiving and delivering qualitative and quantitative electronic research datasets for further use.

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The Folklife Archives

Folklife Archives are an archival, research and service institution established in 1965 at Civic College, which is the predecessor of the University of Tampere. Today, the Folklife Archive is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University. It includes an audio and photo archive as well as manuscript and document collections.

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