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Guidance and counselling services and contact information

University and TAMK


The University provides students with academic counselling and guidance services that not only help them maintain their academic progress and wellbeing but also encourage them to expand their expertise and take responsibility for their learning. The majority of the services are available to all students. Besides being offered as a separate service, academic guidance is integrated into teaching and instruction and provided in connection with events that support the planning of studies (such as student recruitment events). Different resources and systems (such study guides and the Student’s guide) also offer helpful information. 

As students may face dilemmas connected to their studies, choices, regulations and wellbeing, there may be times when they need personal guidance and counselling. The faculties offer face-to-face academic guidance and counselling services to students with questions about their studies and degree programme. In addition, University-wide guidance and counselling services are available to help students sort out academic issues or address a specific theme or problem.    

External organisations also offer support services to students, such as the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).   


Guidance and counselling services provided by the faculties:    

Academic guidance and counselling services are mainly provided by degree programme staff and faculty staff.

Teaching staff will help you with questions about your courses and studies, such as expected learning outcomes, course practices and student assessment.   

Academic tutors will help you plan your studies and answer questions about academic progress and the development of expertise. Please contact your academic tutor if you are, for example, unsure about your study choices or the options available for developing your knowledge and skills.    

The academic officers/academic coordinators/study counsellors/study services assistants in the faculties will help you with any questions about your degree, such as the preparation and approval of your personal study plan, credit transfer and graduation.   

Guidance and counselling services in the faculties: contact information 


University-wide academic guidance and counselling services:   

Due to coronavirus, the guidance services are available online until further notice.

The University-wide guidance and counselling services are available to all students regardless of their home faculty. The range of services includes not only personal guidance and counselling sessions but also group sessions that can help you with career planning and developing your study skills.    

The student counsellor ( will help you navigate university life, set future goals and explore your study options. You do not need to know exactly what is bothering you when you go see the student counsellor. If you are unsure who to contact with a problem, the student counsellor will direct you to the right person.     

The study psychologist ( will help you work through problems relating to, for example, study skills, stress, procrastination and motivation and offer support when you are dealing with personal and study-related circumstances that may influence your academic progress.      

The career counsellor ( will help you explore your career options. Contact the career counsellor when you have questions about internships, your impending graduation, articulating your knowledge and skills, employment opportunities or potential career paths.     

You will also be eligible for individualised support and special arrangements (, if you have a diagnosed illness, disability or learning difficulty that may affect your ability to undertake or demonstrate learning.   


Detailed description of University-wide academic guidance and counselling services:   

Student counsellor     

The focus of the student counsellor’s services is helping students deal with personal and study-related circumstances that may influence their academic progress. When students face dilemmas or changes that force them to rethink their plans, it may help to work through the issues with a student counsellor who offers an outsider’s unbiased perspective.    

When you need to talk to someone, you can simply pop in during the student counsellor’s drop-in hours to have a chat. The services are generally available on a one-off basis but it is also possible to meet with the student counsellor multiple times, if necessary. The services of our student counsellors are available to all students at Tampere University.      

To talk with the student counsellor on Hervanta campus, book an appointment here or contact the student counsellors at   

To book a personal appointment with a student counsellor on the city centre campus, send an email to  


Study psychologist     

The study psychologist focuses on problems that have an impact on student's learning. The psychologist will assess your ability to maintain effective academic progress and help you come up with a plan to maintain and increase this ability.     

The services of the study psychologist are intended for our BSc and MSc students.  You can make an appointment with the study counselling on the recommendation of a teacher or other staff member or based on your own judgement.   

The themes that students commonly discuss with the study psychologist include study skills, time management, procrastination, coping with and managing stress, the ability to maintain concentration and motivation, and their thoughts and feelings about their studies.  Students often see the psychologist when they have trouble getting started with their studies, are feeling stuck and are not making progress, or are returning to their studies, for example, after an illness. In addition, students often book appointments when they have difficulty maintaining academic progress due to personal circumstances or other special problems.     

Please be aware that the study psychologist does not provide crisis counselling, mental health counselling, psychotherapy, or career guidance. Please contact FSHS if you have health issues or suffer, for example, from acute stress, a sleep disorder, anxiety, depression or burnout.     

Students usually meet the psychologist 1-5 times and may be expected to complete homework assignments in between the sessions. For counselling to be effective, it requires commitment and an active effort from the student.    

Please request an appointment preferably via email: You can also send the psychologist an email to request a call-back. Please include the following information in your email:    

  • your home campus and the campus where you would prefer to meet with the psychologist  
  • your phone number   
  • indicate whether you have been advised to contact the study psychologist, for example, by a teacher or FSHS    

Be sure to cancel your appointment if you are unable to keep it. Please contact the psychologist to reschedule if you have to cancel or if you miss your appointment.  


Career counsellor 

The career counsellor helps students explore their career questions and goals. Please contact the career counsellor when you have questions about internships, your impending graduation, articulating your knowledge and skills, employment opportunities or career options.   

This service is intended for BSc and MSc students of Tampere University who are considering possible study choices from the perspective of their future career or will soon make the transition into the working world.     

The meeting with the career counsellor is an individualised session that will help you articulate and reflect on your knowledge and skills from the point of view of future employers. Developing a clear picture of your career options and identifying your strengths will help you get on the right track towards your chosen career.      

You can also contact the career counsellor directly if you are weighing your career options and might benefit from an outsider’s perspective. Our teaching staff may also advise a student to contact the career counsellor.   

One way to book counselling is by email: In your first email, please include a brief description of your studies (and specify your degree programme) and previous work experience and list the things that you would like to discuss with the career counsellor. You can send a contact request by email ( The meetings are usually one-off sessions and may involve an advance assignment.  

At Hervanta campus you can book time for career guidance at Bookings.