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The goal of SmartAdvantage was to enhance value creation in industrial ecosystems by developing approaches and business models for digitalised asset management. The project collected understanding of the enablers, barriers and visions for industrial digitalisation. This knowledge was used in developing data-driven asset management services, business models and related capabilities together with industrial partners. The parallel project structure provided an opportunity for industrial partners for sharing experiences, benchmarking activities and learning from each other as well as for research institutes and industrial partners to work effectively together by combining their expertise.



In order to enable data-driven asset management in cooling systems, a knowledge-based analytics model was created in cooperation with an industrial partner providing cooling services. The objective of the modeling was energy consumption optimization in cooling.

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In practice, this meant modeling the behavior of individual evaporators in a cooling system and the compressors that drive the coolant through the system. The modeling was executed in stages. First, data analysis was performed to discover the most important data sources. Then, a hybrid model of a neural network and an analytical model was created to simulate the evaporator behavior with respect to both internal and environmental variables. Finally, a System of Systems-level simulation model was created using individual evaporator models. This allowed the analysis of the entire cooling system.




The project was funded by the Business Finland Research Benefit program, VTT, Tampere University of Technology, and participating companies.


VTT, Chiller Oy, Delete Finland Oy, Huurre Finland Oy, Pesmel Oy, and SW-Development Oy