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Smart Grids

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Research is linked to the progress of Smart Grids, which are under active research and development worldwide. One essential objective of Smart Grids is to support the mitigation of climate change and enable e.g. to fulfill targets of the Paris agreement. The main goals of Smart Grids is to enable energy- and resource-efficient and sustainable electric energy system and the market by integrating distributed intermittent renewable electric energy generation, energy storages, electric vehicles and demand response into the entire electricity system, and to function reliably as one of the society’s most critical infrastructures.

Research activities cover technical, economic and legislative issues related to the production, grids and use of electricity. The most significant changes in the domain are the transition to wind and solar power generation, energy storages and electric transportation. The aim is to conduct internationally recognized scientific research that also has significant societal impact. The research is conducted in interaction with various stakeholders and companies. The research results and new knowledge enable the development of the national energy system and development of new products and the competitiveness of companies operating in global market. We actively cooperation with national and international partners including universities and other research organizations.

Our research activities cover topics of renewable electricity generation, especially photovoltaic power systems, power grid design, condition monitoring, active management and ICT solutions with data security issues, power quality, disturbances management, battery energy storages, electric transportation, demand response, virtual power plants, microgrids, and electricity market containing issues like novel power-based network tariff structures, regulation of network business and novel business models. Research activities are supported by advanced research laboratories and equipment including e.g. modern Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and Micro Grid laboratory. Research in power electronics is closely related to the research of Smart Grids.

The photovoltaic solar power research plant has been in operation since 2011, comprising a comprehensive weather measurement system together with advanced electrical measurements.

The research groups are led by professors Pertti Järventausta, Sami Repo, Pekka Verho and Seppo Valkealahti. The research collaboration is active with research groups in power electronics, pervasive computing, automation and hydraulic engineering, industrial and information management, energy politics, building automation in TAMK, and with VTT as part of the Smart Energy Systems Competence Center (SENECC).