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Sami Repo

professori, Älykkäät sähköverkot.

Osaamisalueiden kuvaus

Active distribution grid management, Integration of distributed energy resources, Distribution automation, Voltage control, Hardware and software in-the-loop testing, Stochastic planning of distribution grids, Local flexibility markets


Enable energy revolution towards sustainable energy system


Non-wire solutions for transmission and distribution grids to increase the hosting capacity for renewable energy sources and electrification of society

Planning and optimization methodologies for future distribution systems while considering the synergy and conflict-of-interests of energy stakeholders (prosumers, energy communities, microgrids, flexibility service providers, retailers, balance responsible parties, and grid operators)

Testing methodologies for complex system of systems in energy domain (Hardware and software in-the-loop testing, and Field demonstrations)


Electrical power engineering

Application of ICT and automation

Application of applied mathematics, data analysis, statistics, system engineering, etc. methodologies

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