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Our Data Ecosystem for Value Added Grain

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Projektin kesto1.1.2024–31.12.2026

The digital environment of the future brings both challenges and opportunities, also to agrifood sector. The EU's data strategy and related new legislation are changing the landscape of the data economy, emphasising data sovereignty and trust-based use of data in business ecosystems. New data space principles and mechanisms will enable data connectivity and controlled data exchange between actors in a cost-effective way.
Preparing for this change can be done by strengthening the capabilities of industry actors through research and industry collaboration. This research project will provide solutions on how companies can participate in the technical and business ecosystems of the fair data economy and create new business activities on their own terms, autonomously and in a variety of ways, using the data they control.
In particular, research will focus on the collaborative use of data (our data) for business development in primary enterprises and on the scaling of business by SMEs, including start-ups, enabled by data space data and service delivery mechanisms. In addition, common industry elements that are still missing but necessary for the smooth exploitation of data, such as data quality and harmonisation, common data descriptors and vocabularies, and services to provide these in the data space, will be explored and developed. The use case is a fair data economy business ecosystem for the supply chain of data-enriched grain from primary production to the buyer, either for export or domestic processing.
The project will result in new knowledge and methodologies on how to develop business models that comply with the new EU data legislation and exploit the mechanisms of data spaces among actors, and how to scale business in the data space by producing, sharing and exploiting high quality 'our data' for the common benefit of the ecosystem.

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