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Power Electronics and Electromechanics, Computing Sciences and Electrical Engineering

Tampere University

Power electronics and electromechanics – Driving the world

Are you fascinated by electrical engineering and want to have an impact in building a more sustainable future society? Come study Power Electronics and Electromechanics in our Master’s programme. You will learn about state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies and find applications in renewable energy sources, smart grids and variable speed drives – to name only some!


Master's degree (University)

Degree earned

Master of Science (Technology)

Planned duration

2 years

Extent of studies

120 ECTS



Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

12000 € per academic year

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Power electronics and electromechanics have a major role in society – now and in the future

Power electronics are used for processing voltages and currents when converting electrical energy from one form into another. Power-electronic devices can be found in almost every electric device from household applications to transportation, industry, as well as electricity generation, transmission and distribution. It has been estimated that in the near future, 80 % of all the generated electrical energy will pass through a power electronic converter.

Electromechanics refers to the process of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. Nearly all electrical energy is produced by rotating electrical generators and roughly half of this energy is converted back to mechanical energy with electrical motors driven by power-electronic converters. The trend of transportation electrification will further increase the need for electrical motor drives. Together, power electronics and electromechanics are the key technologies for enabling the energy transition in transportation and renewable electricity generation.

High-class education and collaboration with the industry

This Master’s programme will provide you with the necessary skills for understanding, analysing and implementing power-electronic and electromechanical energy-conversion devices in a wide range of applications. The programme is suited for students who are eager to put theory into practice for ensuring sustainable use of energy and raw materials in the future society. We offer high-class education based on the latest knowledge and research delivered by our accomplished staff. Moreover, our university collaborates closely with the industry in Tampere area. This helps our students to find valuable thesis-work opportunities and jobs after graduation. Please see information about research in Power electronics and Electromechanics

Wide range of career opportunities

Owing to the incomparable demand of electrical engineering expertise in a wide range of industries, completing the programme prepares you for interesting career opportunities both in Finland and globally. Your future career might be for example in design and testing, research and development, or management and marketing. Or if you are interested in further deepening your knowledge, you might choose to pursue a doctoral degree.

Power Electronics and Electromechanics (MSc Tech) is one of the engineering specialisations in the Master’s Programme in Computing Sciences and Electrical Engineering.

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For more information

Please read through the information provided. For further questions regarding the application process, contact our Admissions office at or for questions regarding the content of the programme, please contact