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Research focus and goals

The main research topics are electromagnetic and electromechanical energy conversion and superconducting magnets. The research on energy conversion focuses on numerical electromagnetics and magnetic materials. We develop numerical calculation techniques and magnetic material models to analyze the behavior of electromagnetic and electromechanical energy conversion devices, such as rotating electrical machines, transformers, inductors, energy harvesters and wireless power transfer systems. Experimental setups and laboratory prototypes are an important part of the research and allow validating the developed modeling tools. We work at the interface of electromagnetic theory, computational science, physics of magnetic materials and electrical engineering applications of practical importance. Our vision is to integrate advanced electromagnetic modeling tools together with practical engineering design.

The research direction of superconducting magnets development focuses on electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and mechanical modeling of the magnets in different operational and fault scenarios. The analysis has aimed for example to design magnet protection strategies that ensure that during the operation fault situations the large stored energies can be safely handled. In the last years we have been active in several international collaborations aiming to design superconducting magnets for future particle accelerators.