Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Media, Communication and Performing Arts

The Doctoral Programme in Media, Communication and Performing Arts produces highly qualified experts and researchers to work in the fields of journalism, media research, game studies, communications, visual culture, audio research and the performing arts. What brings these disciplines together is an interest in the interplay between the semiotic and material nature of our world, the construction of performances that illustrate our social reality, the public nature of these professions and the dimensions of skills and social aspects, and how we understand communication that occurs through images, words, voices, interaction, bodily expression, play, games and stories.

The doctoral programme is unique in Finland as it is designed to not only develop an in-depth understanding of various scientific disciplines but also build bridges between them.

The doctoral programme places particular emphasis on combining theoretical ambitions and practical research in new and creative ways. The programme provides students with extensive theoretical and methodological expertise and prepares them for demanding research and teaching positions in academia, other specialist roles in the public and private sectors and in the sphere of academic, cultural, arts and science administration as well as challenging careers in the performing arts sector.

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