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Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences

Become a doctor in the field of health sciences of your choice

Come and study in the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences!

The aim of doctoral studies is to enable to work successfully in both academic (researcher, teacher) and other expert positions in society. The doctoral student becomes deeply acquainted with his or her special field, but also acquires a broader view of in health sciences more generally. The aim of doctoral studies is to adopt scientific thinking and internalize good scientific practice, as well as to master the diverse skills of a researcher. The doctoral degree also makes it possible to supervise students and lead research groups.

The Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences offers doctoral degrees in health sciences or philosophy within the various fields of health sciences. An intermediate licentiate degree is also an option. A person with a master's degree, graduate degree, or a corresponding degree in health sciences may be admitted to the Doctoral Programme.

The doctoral degree in health sciences can be taken in the following fields: biostatistics, epidemiology, gerontology, nursing science, public health, social psychiatry, social and health policy, health care management, health services research, health economics, occupational health, Global Health and Development, and health sociology. Most doctoral students write their dissertations in research groups within their field of study, which is mainly defined based on the field of study of the supervisor.

With a doctoral degree, a person is able to conduct research independently and apply the ability to use scientific research methods independently and critically, and to create new health science knowledge and knowledge applications. (S)he is able to participate in a discussion about the social impact of his discipline and the importance of her/his research.