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Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences

Tampere University

Research for the needs of industry and academia

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences has strong industrial relevance. Our graduates have the ability to refine industrial challenges into scientific research questions and apply scientific methods to create new knowledge. Upon completion of the Doctor of Science in Technology degree, our doctoral graduates will have the expertise to pursue challenging careers in the field of engineering sciences. The doctoral programme covers the following research fields: Automation Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering. The programme is closely focused on technology and offers doctoral students access to state-of-the-art research environments.

The doctoral programme provides students with excellent subject knowledge and scientific and communication skills. Our doctoral graduates possess the competencies to effectively collaborate with industrial or academic experts and communities. Our graduates are able to critically evaluate and analyse data to answer research questions, communicate their results, and generate new knowledge. They have the ability to apply their skills and expertise and therefore enjoy a broad range of career opportunities in both industry and academia.