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Publication of student selection results for Bachelor's programmes

For admission group I the results will be published by May 2024 and for admission group II by 31 May 2024.


Please note that all selected students will need to send certified copies of their educational documents to Tampere University by post. Please see Applying to Tampere University bachelor’s programmes for detailed instructions.

The deadline to accept the study place offered is 11 July 2024 15.00 UTC +3. If you have been awarded a Tampere University scholarship during the admission process or if you wish to take advantage of the early bird offer, please check the deadline for accepting the study place and scholarship in the scholarship letter which you will receive as an attachment in the acceptance email.

Conditional offers

The letter of acceptance, the Studyinfo system and My Studyinfo will specify whether your offer of admission is unconditional or conditional. If you do not meet all the conditions provided by the University by the deadline, the conditional offer will be withdrawn. 

If you will receive your IB/EB Diploma in the spring when you apply to Tampere University, you will need to provide estimates of your graduation date and grades when you submit your application.

If an applicant is accepted based on predicted grades, te selection or place on the waiting list is conditional until the applicant submits an official certificate of the final grades to Tampere University Admissions Office by 11 July 2024 and the scores are recalculated. The admission is revoked if the scores calculated based on the final grades are lower than the predicted grades or the grades no longer meet the minimum requirements, and the applicant no longer meets the admission threshold score admitted to the programme.

Acceptance from a waiting list

Waitlisting is based on your admission score. This means you have fulfilled the minimum requirements for admission, but the quota of study places has been filled by applicants with higher admission scores.

Study places are offered in order of ranking on the waiting list. Your ranking will improve if

  • selected applicants decline the study places offered
  • other applicants from the waiting list accept other study places
  • selected applicants do not accept the offered study places by the deadline 11 July 2024.

As soon as a study place becomes available, it is automatically offered to the next person/persons on the waiting list. If you are offered a study place, you will receive an automatic message from Studyinfo and an email from the Admission Office.

Acceptance from the waiting list ends 6 August 2024 and it is not possible to be accepted after that.