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Internationalisation in studies

International Mobility Services
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What's going on?

Go Global! Student exchange during 2024-2025

Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America - what will be your exchange destination in AY 24-25? Winter round for exchange studies will be on 4.1. - 25.1.2024. Make sure to check your options and apply!

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Go Global! Challenge yourself at ECIU University

Join international challenge-based courses through ECIU University to address important, real-life challenges and contribute to the building of a better world! The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) is a consortium of young and innovative universities that offers a broad range of opportunities.

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Information on student exchange

Where to go for a student exchange?

Study for the whole academic year or just one semester. There are hundreds of destinations in different parts of the world.

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Application rounds

Two primary application rounds take place in the mid-autumn semester and in the beginning of spring semester. Supplementary application rounds will be usually organised mid-spring semester and in the beginning of autumn semester.

Read more on applications rounds and instructions

Financing your studies abroad

When going on a student exchange via university’s exchange programmes and agreements, you will receive a travel grant or a programme-specific grant. Other grants may also be available.

Read more on funding studies abroad

Instructions for students nominated for an exchange

Congratulations on your nomination and excellent decision to go on exchange!

Before student exchange

Short-term study options abroad

Through different intensive courses you can expand your knowledge of your field while developing your language skills. Usually you will have to make your own arrangements to gain entry into a short-term course abroad but travel grants are available for students who attend short-term academic courses abroad.

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Internationalisation in doctoral studies

Doctoral student, promote your career opportunities through internationalisation. International expertise and global networking can be your X factor!

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International traineeships

Traineeship abroad

You can also accomplish a traineeship abroad. There are Erasmus+ grants available for work placements, and faculties offer their own separate grants for this purpose as well. Regulations regarding faculty grants vary depending on faculty.

Read more on traineeship abroad

Erasmus+ grants for traineeships

Read more on Erasmus+ grants for traineeships

Go international at home

International student tutoring

Each year Tampere University welcomes over 1000 new international students. You have a great opportunity to internationalise yourself by helping these students integrate into a new city and gain yourself valuable international experience.

Read more on international student tutoring

Internationalisation module

Include studies that promote internationalisation into Internationalisation Module and show the employers that you make an invaluable addition to the team.

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Tampere Summer School

Did you know that Summer School, organised by Tampere Universities community each year, is open and free for students of Tampere University as well? Complete courses in a real international classroom setting!

Read more about Tampere Summer School