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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Application instructions for student exchange

You can apply to go on student exchange abroad if you are registered as a student at Tampere University and working towards a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. If you study in a 2-year international master's programme, please first contact the education specialist of your programme to discuss about your exchange study possibilities. We also have several programmes and agreements that support mobility among doctoral students.

The credits you earn while studying abroad must be counted towards your Tampere University degree in full. This means you cannot graduate during or immediately after your exchange period. Students who have been granted an extension of time to complete their degree are not eligible for student exchange, as the extension is granted specifically for the purpose of completing the degree at Tampere University.

Students who have been selected to go on exchange will always receive a travel grant and will be exempted from paying the tuition fees of their host university.

Published: 20.5.2019
Updated: 23.5.2024