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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Short-term study options abroad

Our students have the opportunity to seek international experience by completing a short-term summer or winter school abroad. Intensive courses allow you to expand your knowledge of your field while developing your language skills. Course fees usually apply to intensive courses, but travel grants are available for students who attend short-term academic courses abroad. The duration of the course you are planning to attend in your host university must be at least one week but no more than two months.

You will have to make your own arrangements to gain entry into a short-term course abroad, because admission to these courses is not managed though Tampere University’s exchange programmes. If you are interested in a specific intensive course and want to know whether it could be counted towards your degree at Tampere University, please contact your study coordinator/academic officer well in advance before the course begins.

Follow these steps:

  1. Map out possible destinations. 
  2. Apply for admission by following the instructions provided by your prospective host university.
  3. Apply for a travel grant.
  4. Submit a travel report and a transcript of records.

Published: 1.11.2019
Updated: 13.9.2023