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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Internationalisation module

The internationalisation module is a voluntary thematic study module which includes courses already in your degree which have internationalisation as a learning outcome. With the help of the internationalisation module you can identify and describe the international competence you have accumulated during your studies. The internationalisation module communicates that you have the ability to work in a global environment and you understand the global implications of your own actions. Working in an international organisation, studying Finnish, or working as an international tutor can give you many skills which are appreciated by employers and can benefit you in the future.

The learning outcomes of the internationalisation module are:

Intercultural learning

The student

  • recognises his/her cultural background and understands its effect on encountering, understanding and appreciating foreign cultures
  • is aware of and can recognise intercultural differences and their effects on working in his/her field
  • appreciates the multitude of languages and cultures and is able to interact in a foreign language.

Accumulating knowledge and understanding

The student

  • understands the most important local, national and global dimensions of his/her field
  • understands the effects of multiculturalism on the working life and society
  • is aware of the effects of local decisions and actions on international communities and of international decisions and actions on local communities.

Applications in the working life

The student

  • understands and can apply international standards and established procedures in his/her field
  • is able to observe phenomena on a global level and from different viewpoints
  • can cooperate as an expert of his/her field in a foreign language.

The completion of the internationalisation module will be marked in your degree certificate. You will compile your internationalisation module in conjunction with your graduation.

From 1 August 2019 onwards, the internationalisation module may consist of the following studies:

  1. international student mobility. The number of credits included in the internationalisation module is determined based on the number of credits transferred to the home institution.
    1. student exchange, including orientation for outgoing students 
    2.  internship abroad or
    3. separate studies included in your degree which have been completed abroad in present-day or prior higher education studies, including intensive courses and thesis.
  2. courses taken in a foreign-language (10 credits at the maximum). Obligatory language studies of your degree may not be included in the module. Courses in Finnish as a foreign language are also accepted as foreign-language studies. 
  3. intercultural communication studies (10 credits at the maximum)
  4. studies conducted in Finnish which include learning outcomes related to internationalisation, provided these studies are defined in the curriculum (10 credits at the maximum)
  5. completion of courses and participation in programmes conducted in a foreign language (10 credits at the maximum)
  6. international tutoring, other international student union activities and positions of trust which promote the module’s learning ouctomes if credits are awarded on them (5 credits at the maximum)

The internationalisation module can be included in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The student may complete the internationalisation module in both bachelor’s and master’s degree if the criteria of the modules are fulfilled. All courses included in the module have to be taken in the degree in which the internationalisation module is included. For example, an internationalisation module taken in a master’s degree cannot include courses which are part of the student’s bachelor’s degree even if they have not been included in an internationalisation module in the bachelor’s degree. The internationalisation module may include courses which are already part of another study module. The courses included in the internationalisation module must always be included in the degree to be completed.

The internationalisation module should be planned as part of the student’s personal study plan. The contents and the extent of the module are determined by the choices the student has made in his/her study plan within the set criteria.

The minimum extent of the internationalisation module is 20 credits. There is no maximum number of credits for the module. It is, however, possible that a student cannot include all those courses which fulfil the learning outcomes of internationalisation in the module.

The internationalisation module is compiled in conjunction with graduation. The completion of the internationalisation module will be marked in your degree certificate. To include an internationalisation module in your degree, fill a separate application form for the internationalisation module when you apply for graduation. In the application, you will list the courses which you wish to include in your internationalisation module.

If you have questions on completing the internationalisation module, please contact primarily the guidance and counselling services of your Faculty. In general questions on the module criteria, you may also email us at koulutuksen.kehittaminen.tau [at]

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 9.3.2023