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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Double and joint degrees

The term “joint degree programme” refers to a degree programme that is planned, implemented and offered in collaboration between Tampere University and one or more international partner institutions. Students who are admitted to a joint degree programme complete courses in one or more partner institutions; these courses are counted towards their degree as stipulated in the curriculum of their programme and the agreement signed by the partner institutions. A student who completes a joint degree programme receives a degree and a degree certificate from one or more universities.

Most of the joint degree programmes in which Tampere University is involved are double degree programmes. Typically a student will apply and start studies in an ordinary degree programme which is involved in a double degree programme and will apply to take a double degree with the partner university during their studies. The student will typically study at the partner university for one or two semesters and upon graduation receive degrees from both universities. 

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s programmes are organised by consortia which involve at least three institutions from three different countries. Students to Erasmus Mundus programmes are admitted through a separate admissions process which is organised by the University which coordinates the consortium.

Double and joint degrees are typically implemented in collaboration with one partner, and admission to the joint programme is coordinated by the home university. Typically fee-paying students remain liable to pay tuition fees only to the home university also during studies at the partner university.

Please see below for more specific information on joint programmes at Tampere University and admission to the programmes.

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 9.10.2023